Hello world – again!

Hello world – again!

My garden –
another view of my garden

With encouragement from my eldest daughter and a sister-in-law who always says that if you want to do something .. ‘just go for it and do it’ .. well here goes ..
I am not really computer literate but am learning all the time ! (hence the labels for photos – J – need your help again – can’t do it!) but I have decided to start this blog to share thoughts and photos with friends. I have always written letters, from when I was little and we moved to Salisbury (now Harare) from my home town – Bulawayo (both in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)) … letters to my grannies and my cousin in Bulawayo. When I married and moved down here to Johannesburg, South Africa with a toddler and pregnant with our second baby – letters and photos to my parents back home in Harare keeping them up to date with our news. Letters changed to emails and my Mum and I learnt how to use computers to keep in contact more easily .. and instantly. She is now in an Old Aged Home in Somerset West, in the Cape, having had several minor strokes, but I still email her every week. I never get replies anymore but always refer to my ‘letters’ in our weekly conversations on Sunday evenings. She now doesn’t remember receiving my ‘letters’ and any news of my family and only looks forward to the phone calls – but I carry on telling her our news as I know she reads them and at that moment ‘remembers’.
Hence the desire to communicate – I think – to put thoughts onto ‘paper’ as I’ve always done.
My garden – in the photos above – will feature often! I am always taking photos of ‘everything’ – from plants, flowers, sunsets and sunrises, family, and especially grandchildren – two of whom I look after in the afternoons. Have always had children around the house – ‘thirty-something’ daughter and son, a ‘twenty-something’ daughter (in her last year at University), and three beautiful grandchildren .. aged five – Bradley, and two littlies – Connor – 20 months and Erin – 18 months. Have looked after both boys since the age of 4 months – now only in the afternoons – to give me some ‘me time’.
In a nutshell, that’s me!

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