A spit and a spot

A spit and a spot

Bradley waiting for more rain

Jackie hiding from thunder

We have had extremely hot days lately and when the clouds came over .. and even better .. a bit of lightening and thunder, Bradley and I got so excited! Rain – we haven’t had rain yet this summer and everything is so dry. My garden is battling – and the water bill is high!

Then we heard a spit and a spot on our patio roof – yes, it was rain! We dashed outside to stand under it and Bradley got all excited and asked if he could get the umbrella so that he could stand in the rain. I told him to wait for it to really rain as that would be more fun. Disappointment – no more than a spit and spot! Poor Connor didn’t know what we were doing, and couldn’t quite understand where the drops were coming from. I think he has forgotten rain .. there is a long time between rainy seasons and he is not yet 2 years old! So as not to frighten him, I explained about how wonderful the rain is. When the dark clouds come, we have to have thunder (he was not sure of the noise) and then God brings the rain to water the garden and make things grow etc, etc. Then hard and heavy drops fell on the patio roof .. loudly. Not a happy boy .. he screamed! Oh dear – shall have to do lots of comfort talking when we have our next shower. (Our rain is usually accompanied by lots of lightening and thunder and our house is in a lightening belt – we have had to cut down several large trees which have been struck – but that’s another story .. tree split in two, hole in a conifer, and the lounge ceiling collapsing in a heap! (but that was apparently caused by the swirling wind!)

Jackie, our Jack Russell, is equally as scared of the thunder. During the day she will not venture far from us, with her eyes wide with fear! And at night she hides under the table in the TV room! Poor little girl! More comfort talking here !!

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