Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – Johannesburg Zoo

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk – Johannesburg Zoo

At the start of the 5 km walk

I joined friends to participate in a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk at the Johannesburg Zoo on Sunday. A 5 kilometre walk – stroll actually – around the Zoo. Have never walked in any organized events before. It was fun! .. although I was told that it was badly organized compared to others. Note to self – must do more of this kind of thing!
– we felt the starting time was too late in the heat we experience at this time of year
– there were obviously hundreds more participants than they were expecting so they ran out of ‘goodie bags’ which are apparently given to each participant. (Need to do another walk to see what comes in those ‘goodie bags’ as we didn’t get one)
– lack of facilities to buy water .. we only found one
– only 2 water points en route .. the first one had large containers of water (about 4 of them) which was fine if you had a bottle in the first place to fill up as there was nothing else available with which to drink the water!
– the second water point had little empty plastic sachets strewn on the ground and nothing left
– the 5 Km walk took us all around the Zoo which is OK but we had to be channelled into pathways and over bridges where only three at most could walk abreast .. this held up the pace of the ‘stroll’ and we had to stop several times – at least there was something to look at ..! animals in their freshly rained on enclosures – at least it wasn’t dusty.

All sorts of people took part in the walk, young and old and quite a number families with babies in pushchairs. As the walk progressed, people veered off the route to stop to look at the animals and even stopped to have picnics along the way (they were prepared!).

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