Look who dropped by ..

Look who dropped by ..

There is a family of guinea fowl living in the grounds of a primary school not far from our house. I drive past the field most days, after picking up Bradley from his school .. commenting on the ‘family’ and, we have noticed they have increased in number. He always reminds me of the days we used to stop at the school field to look at the guinea fowl .. and then, being the only ones around, we used to run … and skip … and twirl … round and round with arms stretched out wide! Something you do as a child but it’s the most wonderful feeling to do as an adult!! We must do it again …. he keeps asking .. just need to pick up Connor first and make sure I have cool drinks with me .. sunblock too .. Connor would love it too now, he is old enough .. yes .. must do it.

Getting back to the guinea fowl – this large fellow, who was squawking loudly this morning, was obviously calling for a mate, or buddies, and was high up in the neighbours pine tree. We have never seen anything like it before … one more bird visiting the garden to tick off in my bird book – although he wasn’t technically in ‘our’ garden –

The fellow sat and squawked near the top of the tree

These are the tall trees – and he was near the top

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