4 x 4

4 x 4

Jeanette tagged me to do this and thought I would do it now – before it rains. When it rains we don’t get internet !! apparently the little box on top of the telephone pole is rusted and the technician put in an order for a new box a few months ago and we are … still waiting !! so every time it rains .. bad phone line and no internet !!

Right .. so now I had to :-

1. Go to your picture file
2. Go to the 4th file
3. Go to the 4th picture
4. Post it and tell the story
5. Tag 4 more people

All very simple except the last one! I haven’t been ‘in this whole new world of blogging’ for long enough to pluck up the courage to tag anyone !! Silly me! So I will tag Dale at The Gecko and Natalie (Natsg) – 2 out of 4 is not bad! I just need to remember what Jeanette said about how to ‘link’ them!!! Still learning !! I see the ‘link’ symbol but it needs the respective URL and that means I have to write them down beforehand. I know there must be a way to ‘see’ them but that I cannot do! Yay – seem to have done it to Jeanette (hubby helped there) – going to rain just now … so Dale and Natalie .. you’ve been tagged!

Getting to the photo ..

Our other photographs, earlier than 2006, hubby has put in the little black box which he calls a ‘something or other’ drive ?! and I have no idea how to get at them! so this picture below was taken on 8 Feb 2006.

It’s Elaine and Bradley licking the utensils I used to ice a chocolate cake. I always find it amazing how members of the family ‘come out of the woodwork’ when the baking is done and utensils need to be ‘licked clean’ before washing!

Elaine about to embark on her 2nd year at university and Bradley nearly 3 years old!

Also note to self – must read my blog through … c a r e f u l l y .. I seem to skip words when typing! And my first job was a copy typist … back in the old days!

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