God’s hose pipe

God’s hose pipe

Sometimes we chat .. other times he listens to the kiddies CD’s in the car on the way home from school and we comment on this ‘n that or I ask him what he’s eaten so far today (just to get an idea if I have to make a large snack or a small one !) Yesterday, was a chatting day with Bradley….
me : I think it’s going to rain soon. The clouds look heavy

Bradley : silence then … how can they be heavy, Granny, they’re up in the sky

me : Well, they’re thick and black which means they’re full of water .. full of rain

Bradley : silencethen … But water isn’t heavy

me : Yes it is …. if you had an empty bucket and a bucket full of water .. the bucket with water is much heavier

Bradley : … then God must have his hose pipe on !!

photo taken 2007/07/03

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