Down memory lane … and splashes of garden

Down memory lane … and splashes of garden

A very relaxing weekend started off with Bradley’s graduation ceremony where one of the songs they sung began with :- Boom, boom, boom .. boom, boom, boom, …. and I had that song in my head the entire weekend –

Win or lose, sink or swim

One thing is certain we’ll never give in
Side by side, hand in hand
We all stand together
Play the game, fight the fight
But what’s the point on a beautiful night?
Arm in arm, hand in hand
We all stand together
La la la …………….

(Written by Paul McCartney)

Rupert the Bear and the Frog Song … ‘I remember that’ Elaine said with great big grin and eyes lighting up, ‘from when I was little’ !!!

At the graduation, all the little kiddies sang with such gusto, it brought tears to my eyes, especially when they linked arms and sang loudly ‘ we all stand together’ – words to live by in this country of ours. This generation WILL make a difference!

And then they sang our National Anthem – Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica – hands to hearts .. loud and proud ! A very special evening!

Sunday was spent doing … um … nothing much !! So nice, for a change! As hubby is away on a business trip, it’s only Elaine and I, and the doggies, at home and we had absolutely no plan for the day. When that happens I tend to spend the day ..with dirty gardening gloves, secateurs, spade, fork and my ‘gardening bucket’ in hand.

Elaine’s boyfriend, Bryan, popped in on his way to work (he often goes to work on Sundays), for breakfast .. and never left. We sat, even me, and did the unthinkable for a glorious sunny day -watched a home video! Elaine wanted to show Bryan what our labrador, Robbie, was like when he was a pup – in 1997. I kept passing the TV area and glancing at the antics of this cutest little puppy .. all fluffy and chubby with the cutest eyes and ears .. and nose .. and then couldn’t take any longer … just had to sit and watch. We watched the whole tape! Haven’t seen those old videos in years – oh my, how time passes !! And oh my, how we have all changed!!!! Jeanette had recently got married, Carl was still living at home, studying for his B.Tech in Emergency Medical Care, and Elaine was 10 years old! So glad I did all those videos in those days but I need to convert them onto DVD’s !!

Robbie – 6 weeks old with Elaine and her cousin, Daniella

After going down memory lane for a bit – and it’s good for the soul to do that once in while – I left the ‘love birds’ watching TV, then attempted to do my gardening. Kept stopping to grab my camera! Exciting .. now that I can share my garden, plants and flowers with all of you !!! Although Jeanette has done the honours many, many times !!!! When I see her walking down the driveway with camera bag slung over her shoulder and says those four little words – “I need a photo!” … it’s either the garden’s turn, the children’s turn, or the dog’s turn to be the photographic subjects!
Agapanthus “Blue Velvet”

Wild Iris (this one is the pale yellow variety altho’ it looks white here)

Flower of the Philodendron selloum

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