Not the norm !!

Not the norm !!

This was the first time .. ever .. that we have been away on a coastal holiday that wasn’t in the school holidays!! We didn’t quite make the ‘deadline’ and our last day was the first day of the school holidays. What a change in the people! When we first got there, the beaches were filled with a splattering of toddlers but mainly hords of students – all having finished their final exams for the year-end – University and Matric (the final exams for High Schools).

Oh, it was so civilised … no kiddies running past your towel and kicking up sand!

But, my goodness, it was interesting watching them!! This group decided to cool off in a kiddies pool in the shallow water!

As the sun rose higher and higher into the sky, they came onto the beach in their droves, having obviously partied well into the night. I must say, though, all very well behaved.

Some decided to sleep it off – even in the drizzle! (Not the norm here in SA anymore – they were lucky they were’nt mugged during the night!)

And then there were the groups that brought Hubbly Bubbly’s to the beach!

Now … this is something new to ‘old folks’ like us !!!! Apparently it’s the latest ‘thing’ for parties (Elaine was telling us) and you can put all sorts of ‘tobacco’ from the fruity kind to ‘whatever’ !! I was fascinated with the whole procedure and watched as they set them up. Would have loved to have gone around and photographed all the Hubbly’s as some were really elaborate! Some were home-made (the group of guys next to us made theirs out of a milk bottle and odds and ends) but the result was the same .. and the smoke that wafted across to us had a citrus flavour.

Interesting !!!

Mmm!! A stick in a circle of rocks !!!!

This lady was also an interesting character !! She waltzed down to the beach, on her own, and promptly did her exercising routine in full view of everyone !!

A blonde moment !!!!! Oooh … ow ! Elaine forgot to put sunblock on one leg !!!

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  1. Goodness me! This hubbly thing has me amused. I was listening to a Dr on 702 the other night and he said it is NO better than smoking, although the teenybopppers I have asked swear blind it’s far better!!

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