Erin came today

Erin came today

Carl (my son) and Elaine played golf today and left Erin with me for the morning – from 6.30 am!!! I was expecting a few tears when they drove off, but she was as good as gold. Such a little girlie girl … followed me around the house like a little puppy, handed me the pegs and small items of washing to put on the washing line, helped with bed making, watched the blow-waving of the hair procedure, copied with various brushes and combs and watched the make-up ‘routine’. She tootled around the house on her own little mission, chatting sometimes, but mostly very quietly, choosing toys to play with (I have mountains of toys!!!).

And she’s so ‘delicate’ compared to Connor (they are the same age). She is also tall like Connor but slender … slender hands and fingers .. and dainty feet. Her little hand seemed to melt in mine and her arms and legs seem so soft!!! Even though we see her frequently, I hadn’t really noticed the difference between her and Connor … well, yes, I have .. but not quite like I did today. Connor is so SOLID AND CHUNKY in comparison !!!!!!!!

She was quite happy to wander off and play on her own. I even ‘lost’ her for a bit. I left her outside at the washline playing with a soccer ball while I went in to get something and came out and she was gone. Called and called (wasn’t frantic as we are well secure and the pool has a net). Went one way round the house … no Erin … went the other way … no Erin .. went back indoors .. no Erin .. back to washline … no Erin .. back indoors .. and there she was, standing in the lounge with the ball in her hand, quite unperturbed!

When Bradley was little, he needed to be with me all the time. When he learned to say my name, and talk properly, he always called for me if I walked to another part of the house … ‘Granny, where are you? I can’t find you anywhere?’ Maybe it was my fault as I ‘played’ with him all the time !!! Connor, on the other hand, does ‘do his own thing’ a lot of the time, but I always need to know where he is, as he gets up to mischief !!!

She’s such a cutie !!!

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