Weekly Winners : 14 – 20 Dec

Weekly Winners : 14 – 20 Dec

Peter and I recently went down to Hermanus for his Dad’s memorial service. We went down by car – takes about 14 hours – we left early hours on Tuesday morning, travelling through the day, and arrived in the early evening … a looong trip. Jeanette came too but flew down by plane. Very difficult to choose a photo as I too, took lots of photos but these are different to Jeanette’s – except the ‘Sparkles on the sea’ – it was too ‘wow’ not to miss!

Sunrise over the Free State

Vines of steel

Sparkles on the sea

Seagull on watch

Man and his best friend

Ripples of sand

Sun, sea and sand

Sunrise in the Karoo

Jeanette getting down to her subject!

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  1. I love Hermanus….my daughter worked in the Mugg and Bean for awhile…I miss the beach so much living in Germany so really enjoyed those shots.Did Jeanette have her micro lens on when she got up so close to her subject?? I so badly want one of them!!

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