Weekly Winners : 21 – 27 Dec

Weekly Winners : 21 – 27 Dec

Connor taking a ‘photograph’ of me – he’s getting the idea!! At least it’s not in his mouth .. as he used to do ..

A dolly .. my very first dolly! (Erin)
Anticipating delight ..

Ooooohh !!

Smile for the camera !

Party pooper !

A quiet moment

Blow !!!

.. and blow !!

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  1. Is that little guy just not too cute for words….the penny dropped the other day…YOU ARE JEANETTE’S MOM!!!how wonderful that both mom and daughter share the same passions, photography and blogging. I have two girls and both think I’m crazy to blog, one will not allow me to mention her in my blog either, it makes it very hard for me as I want to share..thats what we mom’s and gran’s want to do!!!!You have such precious grandchildren and I agree, grandkids are the best!!Enjoy your Avril..its our right 😉

  2. Yup !! Jeanette’s my eldest daughter !! She was the one who persuaded me to start a blog and helps me all the time – I am ‘computer illiterate’ and need help often!

  3. My comment was stolen by Marclle!! My penny dropped too, I recognized the little boy from Jeanette’s blog and I had a lightbulb moment!! LOL! Lovely!!!

  4. LOL My toddler does the exact same thing with our tripod. I think it was last weeks winners that I used a similar photo. Hey, gotta start them early.Great shots this week!

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