Fun in the sun on New Years Day

Fun in the sun on New Years Day

Happiness is …

… swimming with ‘Lainey

Kick your legs !!

Go .. Connor … go !! Clever boy .. all on your own !!!

Showing ‘Lainey his version of the ‘shark’ !! Just like his big brother !!

Bradley .. fun with the lilo

The ‘lovebirds’

“This little piggy .. ” with Papa
“I love my Daddy”

Mmmmmm !!!

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  1. Hello AvrilI got photo’s from CT yesterday of my son and his family, they were also spending the day at the pool, my 3 year old granddaughter was swimming and singing, but my 16 month old grandson didnt want to go near the pool, my son tells me he fetches the towel, walks to the edge and says *come – come*…Lovely photo’s, I enjoy seeing Jeanette on the other side of the camera…

  2. Oh Jeanette – something more to learn !!!! Not today !!! Hi Marcelle – your grandchildren sound CUTE !!! Not nice to be so far away!! I treasure our times together – our children may all flit away one day !! (or we may retire at the coast !!)

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