Weekly Winners : Dec 28,’08 – Jan 3,’09

Weekly Winners : Dec 28,’08 – Jan 3,’09

Last flaming beauty
Sandton skyline from N3 and through the closed window of a ‘whizzing’ car at dusk

Knotted net

Huge dandelion

Connor and his Papa

The big man himself – Nelson Mandela : Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton

Like a lizard on hot stones

Me and my Daddy

“This little piggy .. ”

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  1. Lovely photo’s Avril, I always enjoy seening the grandkids…one can never tire of a childs face!Thanks so much for your comment…I have considered yoga, and now will look into it more.What you say makes so much sense to me…..but there is a lot more, a lot more I cant blog about…Today I feel very heavy…am hoping once I get my butt back to gym tomorrow I’ll feel better.

  2. I love the flaming beauty and of course I recognised that little cutie pie,Connor.I didn’t know you were his Nanny till now.The dandelion is amazing.

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