Just thoughts for now ..

Just thoughts for now ..

You would think I would be used to it by now … seeing a child going off … to an exam, taking a driving license, first date, just going off in a car and hoping they come safely home, leaving home for the first time …. I could go on ..

Elaine has just set off for another interview. She has a brilliant result from University – all distinctions for her Honours and no job yet. And .. she can’t get her full degree unless she does an internship for 6 months under a Marketing mentor. Several interviews later .. she is now off to another one. Hoping and praying ‘this is the one’. But if not, there will be others – and maybe the best one is yet to come. You never know, she may the lucky one and the others who have been offered places like in the motor industry etc, may be without jobs considering this downturn in the economy. Hopefully not, for their sakes.

She gets so nervous and stressed – needs to stay calm and remember to breathe calmly!

Holding thumbs, crossing fingers and toes !!

And little Connor is off to school for his second day. Wish I was a fly on the wall to see how that’s going too. I will only know later … and see how he is when I collect him at 2 pm. I was told by his very nice teacher – who says he is a lovely little boy, very friendly, happy child – to fetch him at 2 pm rather than at 1 pm to give him a chance to sleep. When I got there he was fast asleep with all the othe littlies on their mattresses in a row on the floor. They always looks so calm and peaceful! I used to collect Bradley like that too – pick him from a row of sleeping littlies!

Teacher also commented on his size!! “He is much taller than the others,” she said and I think she was going to add, “chunkier and definitely heavier” (when she picked him up from the sleeping row – which I don’t think she’ll offer to do again – I will have to do it!!) I have tennis elbow from picking him up and carrying him around !!!!
I’m sure he’ll be fine and love it like he did yesterday. Such a big boy now!

Holding thumbs, crossing fingers and toes!

I read a comment on Jeanette’s blog that it didn’t seem so long ago that we had her baby shower when expecting Connor. I went back to look at those photos – oh my, how he has grown into such a healthy, strong little boy. When he was born and hooked up to a wall of machines, it was first time I had ever seen my hubby cry. He felt so helpless seeing this little baby with tubes and cords coming and going to machines.

That was then …. and this is now … going off to school for his second day!!!

Little Erin starts next week – she’s going to love school too – I am sure of it!

Hubby also went back to work yesterday after 3 weeks at home. I wonder what the year has in store for him and what travels he’ll be going on. He retires mid next year – scary thought!! I don’t feel old enough for retirement!!

Am also wondering how my Mum is. My Sunday evening conversations are getting shorter and shorter. I think she’s getting worse. My last ‘chat’ was short and not so sweet. I could hear her coming to the phone as the Sister was telling her to “come and sit here, Mrs K”. She seemed very confused with where to sit, what the phone was for, how to hold the phone and what I wanted. I said I just wanted to chat. ‘No, she said, I can’t talk to you’, and put the phone down on me. Maybe she was having a bad day.

My brother and his wife have been away on a wonderful holiday to Ireland (they live in Somerset West) and are due back this week. I will get more feedback once they go and visit her. We saw her about three weeks ago when we had to dash down to Hermanus as my father in law passed away – but I think she has got worse. The saddest thing is that my eldest brother lives in England – left from Zimbabwe about 5 years ago and has really struggled to make ends meet – and hasn’t been able to come back here at all to see her.

PS … Bradley has been just been dropped off by his Dad (he only starts school next week) and Connor is ready and rearing to go to school !

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  1. Hello Avril.Such an intesting post today.I can understand your daughters worries,after all she did so well yet not finding it easy to find a job, I will be keeping her in my thoughts and do hope the perfect one for her will be just around the corner.Going off to school is such an exciting time…I remember when my children went off to creach, play school then big school.Seeing them all sleeping is very sweet, when I collected Amber from school I also go after sleep time and always find her lying there, but she is a feather…The photo of Conner as a baby, how old was he there, he looks way to big for a new born?? Gosh I can just imagine your husbands feelings when seeing his grandson. My grandson Eden ( the curly blond one ) was born at 34 weeks and had tubes all over, but at least he was not ill…just prem.Conner is such a beautiful boy, am so pleased to read he is healthy…So many of my friends hubbies are retiring soon and all say the same, they dont feel old enough to retire…life has so many interesting stages as I am finding out during this stage of my life.Poor mom, cant be easy – I fear growing old. My daughter also lives in Somerset West!Have a great day there in Beautiful South Africa

  2. Oh Dear Avril!Quite a lot of mixed feelings here today! Good luck Elaine with her job hunting – it’s really not easy now is it! But something will come up – she’s a clever girl! As for Mum – I’m sorry! I remember my Gran telling my mum that she didn’t want to see her, she wanted her daughter. My mum is an only child, so that hurt so badly! Keep your chin up though … maybe you can do some travelling with hubby!

  3. Oh dear, sounds like granny is even worse than she was 3 weeks ago :(I’m really hoping that Elaine gets the job, and those photos of Connor made my heart jump to my throat!

  4. The picture of your mom’s hands moved me, I came to visit your Weekly Winners post, ( which is great by the way) but I was drawn towards this.

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