Brothers together …

Brothers together …

Bradley is missing his little brother in the mornings since Connor started at his new nursery school .. he is usually quite chirpy, but this morning was grumpy! Only cheered up towards the end of the morning, and once we – he and I – collected Connor – we had a normal afternoon at home.

Building Lego tower

Concentration ..

Oooooh !!

Bored with Lego .. let’s try the computer next .. which key shall I press first ..

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  1. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh…. Not the computer….. Just kidding. Its always nice to see siblings play nicely. My two goes from play nice to all out war to best friends in 10 minutes.

  2. Avril…I felt a sing and dance in my heart looking at the kids playing at your house…how wonderful it is to be a granny…I know the emotions but so miss it in my life daily…webcam is all I have, but its more than I would have had if I had lived in years gone by so am lucky.Lovely the boys are so close…Enjoy them….

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