Rain .. and the little box ..

Rain .. and the little box ..

.. ….. on top of the telephone pole do not go hand in hand!!

We have had a one or two short sharp showers over the last day or so. Absolutely wonderful for the garden and relief from the tremendous heat we’ve been experiencing lately but it plays havoc with the telephone line and our connection to the internet. I end up having a race to see if I can catch up with my new ‘bloggie friends’, download stuff, catch up with Facebook friends – all before I get cut off.

I have had two people on the phone recently to ask what our problem is. The first chap was not at all helpful and didn’t seem to understand what I was getting at when I explained that when it rains, the water gets inside the little box (which is apparently rusted inside) on top of the telephone pole and then … poof ! .. off goes the phone line and the internet. I also explained that it has been reported many times, from 5 months ago to now, and we really really need it fixed .. please !!!

He said he would pass the complaint on. Then the other day, another chappie phoned to ask what our complaint was – which actually is a good sign (!) because the first chappie from a few days ago must have passed on the complaint. Do you think we are getting somewhere at last !!
I duly told him the whole story and he said he would send someone ….. and …. we are still waiting!!

Today … it’s been raining off and on … and I am having a ‘grand time’ with that ‘little box’ !!

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  1. Hallo Ahhh (see Jeanette’s post if you don’t get it, but I’m sure you do)Our friends at Telkom are the most amazing people. Half the time I’m coming up for them and the other half of the time I’m sorry that I do. It seems that some people there know what they are doing and others don’t. When I have a problem I just stay on their case the whole time till they fix the problem. Good luck.

  2. My first thought when reading this entry was * life in africa *We have the most awful weather here like now minus 20 degrees, but still we have our internet etc…Am surprised, i would have thought it would have all froze and then break…but am sure they are prepared for these temps here..Rain is a wonderful thing for the gardens after the heat..I love the smell of rain.Thanks for the comments on my Facebook pics of Josh and I…thats the little boy who has helped me when it comes to my Nana emotions….I have been able to release them onto him…but alas, for not much longer as they going back after the new baby is born.

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