Weekly Winners : 4 – 10 Jan

Weekly Winners : 4 – 10 Jan

Bradley …
Connor … no smile .. just eyes!!

“.. if I open this .. Granny’s glasses pop out ..”

Stick insect

Reflections …..

Howzit !!

Mr Gnome … on ‘duty’

Fresh, rain-soaked corner … ‘lil’croc’ is happy!!
Another rain-soaked spot … !!
From humble beginnings ….

…. daughter of a great friend and great friend of Elaine, will – one day – be well-known in the ‘haute couture’ industry …. and I have one of the first photos !!!! Watch this space !!!

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0 Replies to “Weekly Winners : 4 – 10 Jan”

  1. Hello How does this Weekly Winners work…Just for me to understand as I see both u and Jeanette do it…it is the best photo’s you’ve taken during that week, or am I way off???? heheLove the photo’s…

  2. They are all great shots. I love the one of your friend’s daughter, though. There’s just something about it that is just so awesome.The boys are always darling and your other photos are delightful, too!

  3. Thanks, everyone, for the comments. Jeanette I need help – my counter has disappeared !!! If I add a new one do I start from 1 again? Don’t want to start from the beginning again!!!!!!! (p.s. to everyone .. yes I am clueless!)

  4. My favourite are the wet pots! Wasn’t the rain wonderful this week-end? I loved it. Not only did the garden get a good soaking, but it was so much COOLER!!

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