From next week …

From next week …

… things are going to change.

I remember when Elaine went off to playgroup in the mornings .. Jeanette was at University and Carl was in his last years at High School .. (yes .. there is HUGE gap!) – (and yes – same husband and father .. a question I was asked often at the time!) I was suddenly left with no children in the house (for the mornings that is!) I had free time! There was always something to do – gardening, dressmaking, knitting, etc and going back to work was an absolute no-no!! I worked when the older ones were very small and growing up and would not do the same when Elaine was born. We struggled on one salary but we made it in the end – we survived!!

Next week, Elaine starts her new job – her internship for 6 months – and then if she “works her ‘a…s’ off” (her words not mine!) they will hopefully offer her a permanent post .. or .. by that time she will have her full degree .. there will be more jobs and opportunites out there – hopefully!!

Gosh – I am going to miss her! In this past year, whilst doing her Honours, her lectures have been in the early evening, leaving practically the whole day free. Although she studied and sat down for hours doing projects and assignments during the day, we also went out .. shopping, having coffee together, and generally spending quality time together.

She’s been away from home before – spent 6 months in Sweden on a scholarship and I missed her terribly. But Jeanette gave birth to Connor about 6 weeks after she left and my daughter in law gave birth to Erin 2 weeks later. I didn’t have Erin around as they live on the side of Joburg but Jeanette lives ‘down the road’ so we saw each other often, until she went back to work, and by that time Elaine was back!!

And now .. Connor has gone off to his ‘school’ and pick him as I usually do anyway – so that hasn’t made much difference ….. and Bradley started today too. He told me yesterday that there is a champagne breakfast for the mummy’s this morning (am almost positive that Jeanette has her camera with her !!!). He goes into Grade 0. Such a big hype for going into Grade 0! I always thought Grade 1 was the ‘biggy’ – times have changed !!

Anyway, I have spent more time with Bradley since Jeanette went back to work as he has been coming here in the mornings. ((Have looked after him from the age of 4 months – for those of you who have only just recently put ‘two and two together’ that we (Jenty, Jeanette, Photography by Jeanette etc .. and I) are mother and daughter – and I have written about this way back – a few months ago (!) – when I first started my blog !!! ))

Took Bradley to the shopping centre yesterday morning and one of things we did was to look for a small wallet/purse for his money. He was being picked up by a friend and taken to the movies in the afternoon. Jeanette had given him money which was in his pocket as he doesn’t have a wallet/purse. Do they make wallets/purses for boys? We went from shop to shop – none – only little pink ones, purple ones, spotty ones, black with pink hearts, glitter, butterflies etc and all sorts of others .. clearly not suitable for boys!!! We came home empty handed (well not exactly – one small packet with a Gormiti in it – it’s a collectable ‘thing’ – ugly !!).

He duly went off to the movies with his money in his pocket, with me telling him to be extra careful with it in case it fell out and got stolen – and – stupid me – didn’t mention to the friend that he had money for his ticket and popcorn etc. .. he didn’t use it .. and was quite upset, apparently later, that he hadn’t used his ‘own’ money.

Oh no – I felt so bad for him and couldn’t stop thinking about it all evening. Poor Brad – he was so excited about using his own money … but apparently thoroughly enjoyed the outing and the movie!! Will have to take him to the movies next holidays – Connor will be at ‘school’ so it will be just the two of us! Ooooh – give me strength though – the noise of excited little kiddies in a movie theatre !!!!!

So .. from next week .. I will have a ‘mornings only’ empty nest !! Oooh but the best thing — Elaine will be earning her own money !! Yay yay yay !!!

.. and yay !! we have a year and a bit before hubby goes on pension with no dependants !! The first time ever !! (Well … almost – we still help to support our Mums as they are both ex-Zimbabweans and have their pensions tied up in that country under the rule of that madman!) Oh yes – we have to fork out for Elaine’s braces – again. That’s a whole other story …. ! No medical aid assistance here as she is an adult and has had them when she was younger etc etc …….. but she has to have them to improve her jaw joint. Big problem but we have found a solution without operating. As she said yesterday – she will be the new “Ugly Betty” !!!

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  1. Hehe, she won’t look anything like Ugly Betty :)Bradley was fine yesterday. He’s going to keep the money and buy himself a new toy with it… he’s VERY excited about that now 🙂

  2. What exciting times – you and hubby, doing your own thing, with no dependents to worry about! Sounds like the best days!Good luck to Elaine. Stacey had a jaw op when she was 16 to correct her jaw – it looks beautiful now, but was VERY painful for her at the time!

  3. I know all about changes and feel for you – I dont like changes, I like things to stay the way they are, but know life is not like that!!I also have changes happening in my life…You and I will be crying on each others shoulders!!!

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