Weekly Winners : 11 – 17 Jan

Weekly Winners : 11 – 17 Jan

Hoepoe …
…. this was the closest I could get (with zoom) as he was hopping about pecking at grubs and bugs and just wouldn’t stay still for me!! Inconsiderate birdie!

My ol’ faithfuls …

….. including my really really old trowel which my mum and dad bought me as a present from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) when we moved into a garden cottage … way, way back in the 70’s !!!! An extremely well-used gift!!

Connor inside the cardboard house…

…. we bought this cardboard house for Bradley – before he was born – and it’s still going strong!! I pull it out when the weather is grim or if I’m desperate for peace!!

Ooooh !! Tiger’s big eye !!

… Connor ‘reading’ to Teddy, Huggy Bear and Barney

Bradley ‘reading’ to Connor

.. then it starts to get a little boisterous and ‘bang’ goes my peace and quiet !!

A quiet moment !!
Well .. for just a moment – that grin tells another story!

A ‘golf ball on a golf tee’ !!

Sorry, Fairies .. you never got to dance around the ‘toadstool’ – it was destroyed by the lawn mower before it blossomed into a beauty like this one below (photo taken last year)

Just wine ..

… and lastly .. the sunset from our kitchen window on Thursday evening ..

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  1. In my house a cardboard house will last maybe one or two days, so well done on sustaining in. LOL. I bet if the kids saw the golf ball mushroom somebody would have found a stick to “drive” it with.

  2. As u know I’ve been babysitting all day and only getting to read blogs now…still need to wash hair etc, oh cook dinner as tomorrow little man arrives at 7.30am!!I battle to take pics of birds or objects that move, at least your photo is in focus…I thought with a SLR that the chances of blured pics would be limited, but no different to my beloved Cybershot…or else I’ve no idea how to work my camera..Love the photo’s of your grandchildren interacting with each other..and love the cardboard box idea….Sunset is to die for…never see them here the way you do in African

  3. ♥ the pics of the boys in their cardboard house~lots of good memories will be made there. My very fave is quiet time~what a sweet capture 🙂

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