My baby has joined the workforce!!

My baby has joined the workforce!!

Monday morning ….

Well .. she’s gone! Up early this morning .. hair, make up, new clothes, new shoes .. not much to eat (butterflies in tummy do not mingle very well with other stuff!) … reminded her that she must always have petrol in her car and .. always have money in her purse .. cell phone charged … there’s no popping back home for anything !! And also armed with the map book .. she is working in town – Johannesburg City Centre – where there are lots of one-ways, loads of taxis who think they have the right of way .. the whole time .. and lots of really dodgey people. Windows must be closed at all times, and bags and anything of value – in fact anything – must be tucked away or locked in the boot. If, for any reason, a walk along the wibbly wobbly pavements is necessary, then hang on tightly to the handbag and under no circumstance does one wear jewellery!! Insignificent jewellery maybe but that’s about all. (otherwise it just gets ripped off!)

Hubby works in the City Centre and has done ‘forever’ and I used to work there and in the ‘old’ days it was OK .. back then. I used to walk about 5 large blocks to the main shopping area (in my high heels and at a fast pace!) where all the very large department stores were and always shopped there during my lunch breaks.

Things have changed .. and most businesses moved to the suburbs like Sandton, Fourways etc. But there are still some businesses in the City Centre and there are plans to re develop and re introduce businesses back. It will take a long time – but in the meantime, the die-hard businesses keep going.

That’s where Elaine has her job – in one of the large company’s that are still in the City Centre. They have parking available for employees as parking on the streets is a ‘no-no’.

So … hopefully .. she is finding her way to the underground parking and will find her way to the designated meeting spot.

In the meantime …..

… this was yesterday (Sunday) – relaxing with Jackie !! … or trying to anyway !!

Tell me a secret !

I’m going to miss you too !

.. but I’ll see you later .. you silly ‘girl’ .. I will be back after work !!

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  1. I wish her all the best on this new chapter in her life..can see its such an exciting part of her life for you as well, her mommy!!!Let us know how her first day went…Did u take a photo of her all dressed and ready on her first day???

  2. I do hope she found her way around and has nice colleagues! She’ll soon be settled and there you go … …Stacey (also doing a B Comm Marketing and Bus management) is only in her 2nd year – still a long time to go! Good Luck and enjoy starting out!!

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