She ….. loves it !!!

She ….. loves it !!!

“Oh Mom … it was sooo nice” … “the people are sooo cool” .. and “friendly, willing to help with anything” … “and the buildings are great” … and “I even have my own office” …. “it’s so safe there – between buildings – they have their own security people .. all over the place” .. and so it went on!

Phew !! Relief for Mom !

….. that’s my little girl! A day never to be repeated .. the first day of her first job!

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  1. I love the fact that she has her shoes in hand. Now I want to refer back to my comment of yesterday. What did I say? Hey? Hey? LOL.Dylan is off to school tomorrow and I can see him come into the house with shoes in hand as well.

  2. What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats the best news a mom could hear after the first day of a child at work…( not a child anymore, but to us mom’s they will always be our children so you know what I mean )She looks lovely…can she she couldnt wait to get her shoes off!!

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