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  1. What a way of life! It must be pretty relaxing reading the newspaper and having a foot spa at the same time. Is that a beer at the side or just cold soda? 🙂

  2. I knew it has to be a cold beer. Makes me feel like having one now. The weather in Singapore is truly hot now and a cold beer would be great. 🙂

  3. Oh Avril this neighbour has been living there for the last 4 years…yet no friendship has ever developed…she is my age, this is her first baby and she got married for the first time last year on New Years Eve…she is married to a man who is turning 60 this year and is a polititian…he calls us * uslanders * – we over heard him one day talking to other Germans about us. I was living next to them when Hanna was born, never did anything develop between us besides a few chats when we both outside or the odd braai we invited them to…she bumped into me and I burst out crying, I suppose she felt she needed to invite me around..Cant see anything developing – but it was nice to pop around to her. She also works most days, she runs so in summer time we can go for a run together in the forest…she is much fitter than me so I will die for sure.

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