Rain .. and being Nan

Rain .. and being Nan

Flooded …. again! That’s our patio. It rained most of the day yesterday … and at one time the really really black clouds burst!! Was driving home from doing some shopping in the morning, after my yoga class, and the heavens opened!

And I do not like it when it rains at lunch time! That’s when I do the ‘kiddies pick-up’ – and there’s nothing worse than fiddling with ‘brolly’s’ and rain jackets in and out of the car! Waited a little at home for the heavy rain to ease .. then dashed to Bradley’s school. Had to help him dress into his karate suit (looks so sweet and will take camera .. when-not-in-rain) !! He had done karate last year but now has the proper outfit – as I said looks ‘so sweet’ in it! We both weren’t sure how the belt went and I couldn’t tie it properly. Both huddle under ‘brolly’ (I forgot my rain jacket at home!) to get him to the Dojo – they have one on the school grounds – how cool is that! Kiddies have to be taken there by Mum or Gran or someone (actually there were several grans and grandpas) – they .. the kiddies .. not the grownups .. are not allowed to walk around the school on their own. At first I thought it was crazy – I have to go to the school, collect Bradley – walk him about 100 metres .. within the school grounds – then either wait and watch the class or go home and come back in three quarters of an hour. In my case that’s what I have to do as I have to fetch Connor at 2.00. Actually, I still think it’s crazy but they are little still so it makes sense!

On the way through the soggy grounds, belt falls off in mud, I get soaked brushing passed bushes and then we wait under the dripping shade-cloth for the karate teacher to come. I know they are called Sensa but have no idea how to spell it .. so karate teacher will do!

Strict instructions to Bradley when they pile into Dojo – “I am taking your school bags to the car, going to fetch Connor from his school, then I will come back to fetch you .. stay right here and I’ll be back”.

Was raining still and one mom commented under her breath that she was glad she didn’t live in England – “how do they cope with weather like this .. all the time!”

Decide to dash home to fetch my rain jacket before collecting Connor .. rescue him from noisy cooped-up kiddies who are not used to being indoors! .. dash back to collect Bradley. Raining now at B’s school again … so find Connor’s rain jacket .. struggle getting it on (in car!) .. getting cords all caught up in car seat. He thought it was fun and wanted the hood on first! By the time I reach Bradley .. which was only a few minutes past 2.30 .. he’s in tears “I thought you weren’t coming back to fetch me”. Oh my .. … I huddle him under my rain jacket and we skuttle off to the car .. … another 10 minutes or so before I can actually drive off again .. rain jackets off (it’s hot in the car) .. organise B with some juice and something to nibble on – and, of course, to share with C – and explain .. again .. that I needed to go home to fetch my rain jacket, collect Connor (and always have a short chat with teacher and helpers – always need to know how C got on for the day!) .. and I would “never ever leave you anyway. I will always fetch you .. maybe a minute or so late sometimes … but I will ALWAYS be there”. “And you must stay right here and not go with anyone, anywhere.”
Actually we had this little drama because last Friday when he was supposed to go to karate, he didn’t get there because we didn’t know of the ‘procedure’ to get to the Dojo (100 metres away)! and when I got to the school … with Connor who weighs a ton and insisted on being carried, until he saw the jungle gym and scampered up .. making Granny climb up to get him .. !! … I traipsed around the school looking for him – couldn’t find him anywhere .. eventually when I was back at the car about to phone his mommy .. not to send panic through her spine .. but just to make sure I had the right day and that he wasn’t at a party .. as I had heard mention of a lunch time party sometime .. …. … I saw this little tearful figure waving at me through a security gate! Found!! I now know the procedure on where the kiddies go when the parents/grandparents/care givers are late!!!
Now – two happy boys on the way home .. nibbling, chatting and singing along to nursery rhymes I have permanently in the CD player of the car.

Deep sigh out here … looking forward to a nice hot cup of tea. That’s only possible when I get a DVD playing .. one which BOTH want to watch! Had to be a DVD because the TV doesn’t pick up the signal when there are storms around – just like the little box on top of the telephone pole!)

Make sure they’re happy before I can get my ‘nice hot cup of tea’! … which I often never get a chance to finish .. but I do so enjoy the first few sips!

Nan it is .. not Gan, Gwan, Gran, Granny …. it’s Nan. Connor couldn’t find me (I was hiding for just a few minutes of … shh! … peace) and then I hear this almighty .. Nnnaaann … Nnnaaann !! It’s Connor .. calling me! Yay … for the first time I have a name!!!! I am referred to as Granny as that’s what Bradley always calls me … always has done. Started off with “Ganny” then went to “Granny”. Grandpa was always referred to as “Grandpa” when Bradley was tiny (being the first born grandchild) but when he started saying words and talking, he insisted on calling hubby, Papa .. and so that stuck.

Talking of grannies and grandpas – congratulations to C and B on the birth of their newest little grandson, Nathan Stuart in London .. and congratulations to his very happy and proud, brand new mom and dad. Welcome to the world, little one, and may you be blessed with a full and happy life!

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  1. Gosh the rain is bad there, my sister and her family live in KZN and I have been reading on their status on FB~ how bad the rain is….I cant function when it rains….i hate getting wet and my hair fizzes!!!!

  2. Holy smoke. I’m tired just reading your post. It is a problem to get little kids in and out when it rains. I know.Ps. Please send some rain down our way as we really need it.

  3. LOL! I must say it tired me out too! Sherbet! I had forgotten the schlepp with small kids! I am enjoying the coolness of this all, but really, the rain is enough already!

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