Skywatch Friday … is coming …

Skywatch Friday … is coming …

Watch this space .. the little teeny tiny computer people inside the laptop won’t let me download a photo for today!!

.. and need to go to my ‘jumpy jumpy’ gym, then shopping (food shopping), then do the kiddies pick-up which includes the karate story, back to fetch Connor, back to collect Bradley, take Bradley to a party then hopefully .. take Connor back home with me. I have visions of him wanting to stay at the party which means I would have to stay. No .. not for this Granny/Nan! The party is at a Spur steakhouse – a nightmare for those who do not have little kiddies !!!!!! When your children grow up, a Spur steakhouse is the last place you want to frequent. When you have children it’s the BEST place to be. The kiddies LOVE it!

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