Saturday’s chatter

Saturday’s chatter

This is what our skies have looked like all week ….

Pot plant of pink Anthuriums
Thought I would get a pot plant of pink anthuriums for J and L for their anniversary last Sunday. Connor has destroyed quite a few of her pot plants and she says she “doesn’t ‘do’ pot plants very well” but they looked so pretty – thought I’d give it a go!! Plus a bottle of red wine!
I’m feeling a little guilty as I should be doing an email to my Mum as I haven’t done one this week but this blogging is quite addictive!!
My Mum won’t get the email until Monday anyway as the office in the home is closed over the weekend .. so as long as I do one before Monday morning, I’m OK! My sister in law, K, has just sent me a text to say that every time she pops in to see her, she’s asleep and the sister tells her not to wake her up as she gets very agitated for at least 20 minutes after being woken. My brother went yesterday and it was the same – she was sleeping – so he left her.
She does, I think, notice that she hasn’t seen anyone for ages, as she mentioned that on the phone last Sunday but what can one do. Wake her and cause panic within her, or leave her to sleep and miss out on visits?
The sun is shining today – after days of rain – we have sunshine! Yay – lots of gardening to be done now! After the rains come all the bugs! Flies, mosquitoes and lots of other flying bugs and creepy crawlies – Connor does not like flies and he once saw me shooing one out of the window with a soft covered book as he was freeking out with it close by, and now he does the same thing. As soon as one flies on the window sill in the lounge, he grabs the same soft covered book! Hope the book can take all that slapping but I know it’s not a thing to teach a child (all the book lovers and librarians would cringe!) but it was the only ammunition I had on hand!! Mosquitoes LOVE him and he is now full of ‘mozzie’ bites – I suppose they love his ‘baby’ skin and fresh blood!!!
Bradley has this ‘thing’ about mosquitoes and told me the other day “to get the mozzie spray ‘cos the mosquito wants to taste his blood” !!!
I wonder if the ‘mozzies’ have any affect when tasting wine infused blood!! ??
This is one of the wines I have had this week .. mmm .. sounds bad .. but I do enjoy a glass or two of wine every evening as I’ve mentioned before –
It’s a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and shiraz. The KWV wines come from Paarl in the Western Cape. As the label says this “all occasion, easy drinking, medium bodied red wine has summer berry aromas and flavours complemented by hints of chocolate and spicy vanilla oak.” We have a friend who is not keen on blended wines and definitely won’t drink it if it’s a blend of more than two wines .. but I’m OK with it and this one tastes yum!!
I must do a post on some of the wine estates we have visited and add some photos – the scenery is absolutely beautiful but we haven’t been to the Paarl area so don’t have any photos to share!!
Three photos to wet your appetite …

Update on Elaine – she is loving her new job but she is a sick ‘little puppy’ this weekend. I suppose it’s the new environment and air conditioning! This photo is for a ‘cover shoot’ that she is doing. She has to present a one-slide presentation “about herself” so she is making a magazine cover. It’s amazing in draft form so far – will share it when it’s complete. psst .. she loves shoes!!

Connor gets so excited when ‘Lainey comes home. As soon as he hears the dogs barking he runs to either the door, window or gate .. depending on where he is at the time .. and calls out “Mama” or “Papa” or “Naine” or his new one “Byan” (Elaine’s boyfriend). When it’s Papa, he will help his grandpa carry something from the car, ie newspaper. The other day he helped Elaine with her handbag ….

… and then he helped her clean the inside of her car!

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  1. Lovely newsy entry with beautiful photo’s Avril, I feel as if I’ve been sitting with you having a glass of wine chatting after reading this.Thanks for the interesting chat…I have to agree blogging is very addictive and today I have bloggers block so no entry from me – tomorrow for sure, will have news but none tonight.I could picture Connor with the book….LOL, the copy everything adults do…we have to be careful around those little ones what we say and do.Have a good evening.

  2. Well, cheers. Thanks for the chat. I better get home now before the Damselfly starts wondering where I am. I love the picture of the leaves by the way. The fact that the sun is from the other side makes it stand out very nicely.

  3. Feel so much for you and your Mum! Not easy when they get old …. enough of that! Just had a Backsberg Chardonay (P got my camera so no picture!) … very good. Time we went to the Cape for another wine tour – hmmm maybe I won the lotto and can buy my own ??????

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