Weekly Winners : 25 – 31 Jan

Weekly Winners : 25 – 31 Jan

Praying mantis
Delicate flowers of Hebe
Iceberg rose
… dead-head me, please .. !

Pretty petunia

Changing hues of the hydrangea

Against the wall

Tucked away

Emerging ‘stone flower’

Surprise !!!.. … it’s yellow!!
Back to reality ….
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0 Replies to “Weekly Winners : 25 – 31 Jan”

  1. How lovely your weekly winners are! I love “Back to reality” – YUP! Week end over and its month end tomorrow – back to reality in the real sense of the word! LOL!

  2. I love succulents. All around my pool are pots with succulents in them and I also have a rock garden. They just have something to them… plus the fact that if you forget to water them or go away for a while they won’t die. My absolute favourite is the moss photo as well. Well captured.

  3. Hello on this Sunday evening…You have taken some amazing photo’s..I love the brinks and the moss…wow, you have been creative and busy this week…I have been cleaning and not doing much with my camera…:(

  4. Thanks everyone for your commentsMommy Melee – nope – no special lens! Vicky – will try.Marcelle – cleaning house is a good thing too!! Firefly – I agree with you on the succulent thing – am getting to like them more and more!

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