Sunday afternoon bikers

Sunday afternoon bikers

As mentioned in her post, Jeanette and family came for tea on Sunday afternoon. Lance drove the car as they knew they would need to drive home – it’s uphill most the way back to their house (!) and Jeanette walked/ran with the two kiddies whilst they rode their bikes.
I was amazed how well Connor did – I imagined her having to carry him and/or bike most of the way but, as she said, he stopped just a house or so away leaving her to carry the bike. The two boys arrived red faced and sweating but smiles from ear to ear !!
Vroom vroom !!
After tea and cake, which ‘Lainey had made – and it was delicious .. light and fluffy … (yay .. someone can take over the baking reigns!) .. they got back onto the bikes again and rode around the garden .. with difficulty, as the lawn is thick and we don’t have much paving.
Ooops .. that’s a little close to the pool

More fun inside !

We took them onto our road which is fairly quiet on most days, especially a Sunday. We get the odd ‘clown’ who speeds up the minute they round the bend thinking it’s a race track and then they have to slam on brakes at the bend at the end of our road. Motorbikes, too, roar up and down the road at top speed! Once .. there was a young chappie who always sped up and down the road on a smallish motorbike (we knew the sound of his bike) who was not so lucky one day. We heard him coming at quite ‘lick’ down the road …. then as he got to the end bend .. we heard a screech of brakes .. then crash .. into the barrier! Oops ! Serves him right!! (not hurt – just his ego!

They had such fun riding up and down. Bradley had his limited distance either way .. second street lamp then turn and come back … and Connor followed! Many children, over the years, living on our road, have been taught to ride their bikes – Carl and Elaine included.

Now he needs a little more confidence and the side wheels can come off …

Tough going!

Fun !!
Just a little wary of that barking dog
No! .. don’t want to go inside

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  1. Avril, your little Connor is adorable, the outfit the legs!!! I feel as if I know him via your photo’s…am going to watch him grow…is blogging not an amazing tool – a fantastic way to share.Your road looks very safe – I want to take my grandkids out on their road when in CT soon, but am a bit nervous as some people really speed up and down!!

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