Skywatch Friday : Sphinx …….and reflections ….

Skywatch Friday : Sphinx …….and reflections ….

… of just a little bit of not-that-much-of-a-spectacular-sky!

…… Oh ….. OK … my arm’s been twisted …. here’s another photo … with sky that’s not-that-much-of-a-spectacular sky !! ….

….. but I like the balance of rock, earth and sky …..

This is part of the rock formation of the ‘Sphinx’ with the Champagne Valley …way …way .. way … down below !! (I was in the shadow of this amazing rock and there was a blue haze over the valley) but it was breathtaking! … and that ‘little’ man ? …. he was a hiker from the Mountain Club who just happened to walk around the corner of this amazing rock as I clicked! I said I hoped he didn’t mind that he was in my photograph – “no, not all” he said “but it’ll cost you R100!” with big smile on his face!!! LOL !! BUT what he didn’t know was that I had already photographed him sleeping on a rock at a beautiful waterfall … and then afterwards, spotted him again .. on our way back down … standing on top of the ‘Sphinx’

The ‘Sphinx’ is clearly visible from the hotel so I shall share a better photograph which hubby took from a different angle, in another entry whilst describing the walk up … flowers, streams, rock paintings etc …. but this photo shows the ‘head’ quite well with the ‘feet’ holding a ‘lollipop’ !!

Imagine the view from up there – even with the clouds!

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  1. Wow Avril, beautiful shots! The top photo with the reflection draws you right into it. The sky in the second shot is really cool looking from the perspective and height you were at, as well as that humongous rock! And the third shot looks like you were right up there in the clouds.Thanks for sharing an amazing place.

  2. Wonderful shots, I especially love the reflection in the first shot, your weather looks outstanding.Have a great weekend!GuyRegina In Pictures

  3. Oooooo’s and Aaaaaaa’s. Your Berg pictures is beautiful. I’m not going to say again that I want to go as well… oh, I just did. The first pic’s reflextion of the sky makes it extra special while the hiker on the last pic gives you more of an idea of how big it is.

  4. These photo’s are so clear and shows the area off so beautifully – makes me want to visit. I love just love the reflection photo…crazy about reflections…Have a great day today…

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