Gifts from Colombia

Gifts from Colombia

Whenever our friends (actually they are work colleagues of hubby’s but we have become friends – super super folk!!!!) …. come out to SA, they always bring something small from Colombia … always coffee which is the most delicious coffee you have ever tasted! … and then added to that, there is always something else like coffee flavoured toffees … yummm! .. or alcohol in the form of Pisco (from Peru) or Colombian Rum, Algarrrobina (which is a syrup which can be added to icecreams etc as well as a very delicious cocktail which has a spanish name .. and .. it’s yummy!). CS who originates from Lima, Peru, makes a deliciously hot chillie paste and always brings a jar or two … and this time she also brought some Peruvian chocolate …. will have a tasting test today !!

In the parcel was also a little birthday prezzie for me from one of the other girls in the office who came out here last year with another colleague. That was so sweet of her – I was absolutely thrilled!! She is such a lovely woman – happy, friendly – just so genuine. Actually they all are – they are beautiful people. The minute you are in their company, you feel as if you have known them forever. Isn’t my gold froggie pin beautiful?! It comes with a certificate and explanation of the region where the original artwork comes from.

They always enjoy our braai’s (bbq’s) so that’s what we always have when they come for a meal. One chap, Mr T, is an Aussie living in Bogata and he LOVES our lamb as he says they don’t have much lamb in Colombia so we always, always, always have to have lamb chops on the braai. They all don’t like our boerwors (traditional sausage) so we always have pork sausages as well. I have tried varying the menu for them but I always get long, disappointed faces … !!! So lamb chops and pork sausages it is … everytime !!! Mr T also always, always, always loves my chocolate eclairs for dessert!! … tried varying that menu too .. also long, disappointed faces!!

But poor Mr T, had a seriously bad tummy bug yesterday and was laid up in his hotel room. One of the other chaps had to delay his flight here too, so he didn’t make it either. So I didn’t make them this time as Mr T was not here to enjoy them!!! I will no doubt have to make them when he comes for dinner before he goes back – and that will have to be roast lamb !!

It was just the two girls then .. we had a lovely evening, chatting and catching up with them. I can listen to them all night with their Spanish accents! CA is getting married in June so we had lots of girlie talk !!! … comparing different traditional weddings between ours, Colombia and Peru.

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  1. When I went to Brazil last year, I also brought back lots of coffee for everybody as gifts. Everybody loved it.Your eclairs look yummy. Mmmmm….As for my South American dots. I think some of it came from the fact that I did a couple of posts on my visit to Brazil and Argentina and the hits came onto those posts. You will see that my post title is normally the name of the place on which the post is about. Because of that I get a lot of hits from Google searches of people looking for specific places. It increases the amount of traffic to my blog, although not the comments.

  2. That coffee sounds great! What line of business is your hubby in, I wonder, with South America? I love getting presents from abroad, like your froggy pin. Somehow they just seem more exotic even if you can buy the same thing in the local Mall! Your description of your braai made my mouth water and who wouldn’t fall for those eclairs. My husband passed away 5 years ago and so the braais are now few and far between. He was a ‘baas braaier’! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Lovely to be spoilt by good friends…I love the gold frog!!I know for me whenever someone goes to SA or comes to Germany I always get asked if there is anything I want from HOME. I always ask for a YOU magazine as feel too bad to ask for Mrs Ball’s Chutney or something that will weight them down – sometimes they add a surprise in for me….oh its wonderful…so know the feeling of getting something from some where else.

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