Birthday Party Boy !!

Birthday Party Boy !!

Connor’s 2nd birthday party was yesterday.

Mommy and Daddy’s garden was filled with clothed children and then costume-clad children … adults … toys …. trodden on sweets and cake … and then it was time for THE CAKE. What a cake !! It had a ‘pane on it … a big red 2 … and 2 candles ! Our beautiful grandson has turned 2!! Two years ago he was attached to a wall of tubes and machines in NICU … and look at him now ..
Deeeeep breath …
Oh no …. one left !

The tasting test

Hmm … hurry mommy!
Opening prezzies once everyone had left
‘Reading’ a birthday card
Mommy and me reading one of my new books

Connor’s actual birthday was today – 16th – so there was more fun. Cookies, a special birthday crown and friends at school this morning …. and then I made him a ‘Granny’s special’ birthday cake for this afternoon. Poor little sausage had a temperature and did not want any birthday fuss …. until Papa came home .. and then Mommy came … so we could finally light his candles and open his prezzie from us …….

… tomorrow’s blog …. (still have to download photos!)

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  1. My favorite little blog boys 2nd birthday and i get to share in it via your blog…thank you!!He is such a cutie pie, and now’s a whole 2 years…Avril, thats still so small in the bigger picture of his life!!!!My grandson turns 2 the end of August – this year I wont be able to be there!!!

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