Connor is TWO !!

Connor is TWO !!

‘Granny’s speciality’ birthday cakes! (Nana to Connor .. he insists!) Granny to the others but I am HIS Nana!
The Birthday Boy with big brother and Aunty ‘Naine
A not-very-well birthday boypoor little sausage had a fever by the afternoon

Mommy and Bradley showing me how it works

Mommy with her two boys

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  1. Nothing worse than feeling sick on a special day. I hope he had a great day and that he didn’t have too many sweets. I really like picture 1. Not just a straight forward cake shot, but at a interesting angle.Oh, so that is what Jeanette looks like when she’s not hiding behind the camera. LOL.

  2. Firefly – But a very straight forward cake!! and yep !… that’s Jeanette .. isn’t she a beautiful mommy!Marcelle – thank you too – he stayed at home with Beauty and shall fetch him shortly.

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