Weekly Winners : 15 – 21 Feb

Weekly Winners : 15 – 21 Feb

Cutie Pie
….. not listening … !
Cutie Pie with sucker!

Bradley with goggles


Hands and fingers!

Dirty face

I love shoes ….

Shiney spot

“Missing my ‘Lainey” – lying on her bed

“Will she be here when I open my eyes? “

Watching pool water rushing from outlet pipe

Dimples – well .. only one .. the other one is on the other cheek!
My calendar

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  1. LOL Avril, I was looking at your photo’s here when I got a notice to tell me you were commenting on my blog!!!!What an adorable cutie pie you have…she as I’ve already told you – reminds me of an olden days movie star…she is too precious for words.Love seening conner and bradley having a good time.I also like shoes…but cant wear those with high heels anymore…am becoming such a granny!!! hehe, but promise during summer time I’ll get back into my higher heels…who wants to look like a granny, even if I know I am one!

  2. Erin is too beautiful in that hat. LOL at the one of Connor watching the pool outlet :)and Jackie looks like she’s getting quite old in those photos, she’s got very grey

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. BTW – the shoes aren’t mine .. they’re Elaine’s .. I could never wear shoes like that anymore!!! 🙂 Marcelle – I am such a granny too!! 😉

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