Skywatch Friday : Keeping to the blues …

Skywatch Friday : Keeping to the blues …

When a cold front hits the Southern African Cape … ….. the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town with Table Mountain completely shrouded with cloud …

… it usually travels up the country … and several times during our winters .. deposits snow on the highest peaks in the Drakensberg, Kwa Zulu Natal ….

… these are taken a few winters ago in the Northern Drakensberg … the photo has the Amphitheatre in the distance sprinkled with snow … (hubby and Elaine) …

… and then the cold front -usually -sweeps right up to the Highveld … (where we are – Johannesburg) … and normally we have cold, cloudy, dreary days for a bit … then the sun comes out and we are left with blue skies .. icy cold .. but at least the sun shines …. and is still shining (these pics were taken yesterday in our garden) …
Welcome, warm sunshine and blue skies – a backdrop for the white ‘Iceberg’ before the roses get the ‘chop’ … pruning time ! …

… and sun-kissed lemons on our laden-with-lemons tree … … umm .. I’m thinking lemon meringue pie again .. ?! ..

Even the little birdies think summer is on it’s way – a weaver made his nest the other day and is trying to entice the females to have a look … no ‘go’ so far !! Well, would you ? … it’s a little untidy … !!!!!!

I see more blue skies in this award winning red wine bottle !! It has also recently received a Gold Medal at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show 2009 …. and I have to say it is yummmmmy !!

Raka Biography Shiraz 2007

Raka winery is in Kleinrivier near Standford – in the Walker Bay area of the Western Cape.
Have you been there Cheryl and Bob? Note to you both – it’s an excellent wine .. worth a trip to the wine tasting ?? !!
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  1. Oh my! That first photograph really does look cold, doesn't it!! Nothing like a good bottle of wine to warm up the old soul! It seems to be so much colder today although the sun is shining – its VERY muggy in Sandton though – not nice and clear like your photies!!

  2. Great photos of a beautiful country with mountains. I've never even seen a picture of Cape Town!! I think I'll stick around and get educated.

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