She wanted to change someone’s life so she chose me ..

She wanted to change someone’s life so she chose me ..

I am gullible … a little bit … I do admit that.

When strangers ask me something I will reply, either with a nod and smile, if I think they are ‘cagey’ looking or I will have a quick word or two with them. My hubby gets rather annoyed but that’s me!!

Sooo … yesterday when I sat down at one of my regular coffee haunts in our local shopping centre … I was freezing .. it was pretty nippy/icy/freezing outside yesterday and I really really needed a cup of hot cappuccino and I was feeling a little peckish. This particular haunt-of-mine serves their cappuccino with a tiny biscuit – some of these haunts-of-mine do .. some of them don’t. I sat where I sat because I didn’t want the cold breeze on my back .. so I sat against the one wall .. all cosy and warm cradling my cup to warm up my hands.

Now … before I carry on .. I DO NOT MIND sitting by myself having coffee!!! I actually love it! I have spent years having children/teenagers and these last few years … babies in pushchairs demanding bottles, biscuits, being read to/played with/sung to …. with me! Maybe I am strange .. but I do not mind sitting on my own!!!

Sooo … the couple next to me obviously thought I needed to be chatted to …. she said so!

She tapped me on the shoulder. Clutching my handbag (we live in a high-crime city remember!) I turned to look at this lovely young smiling couple. “Could I have a few moments of your time” she asked. Now, how could I not – I am stuck there, sitting having my coffee right next to them!! I thought … selling something, religious chatter, getting me to join their networking business etc! Introducing themselves they said they thought I looked lonely and needed company for a few minutes! On the contrary, I LOVE the quiet ‘me’ time! Anyway, I let them chatter away about how they had been on a course .. a life changing course where their inner most feelings, anger, what makes them happy, sad etc had come to the fore and they, she (L) in particular, wanted to share all her excitement with somebody … other than her husband.

I told them that both my hubby and eldest daughter, with their respective companies, went on team building ‘things’ where they spent a day or so digging deep into their inner most feelings and sharing them with workmates!! Not the kind of thing you want your workmates to hear about!!!! Work team building ‘things’ are supposed to be fun, aren’t they? They both came home completely drained!! Where’s the fun in that?

After a few minutes, she said our meeting was meant to be … fate .. that I sat down there for a reason. I said it was because I was cold and if you sit anywhere else you sit in a draught! Maybe so, she said, but I was drawn to the warmth they were wanting to share!

Anyway … she was bubbling … hoping to change my life completely! Couldn’t wait to finish my cappuccino, pay the bill … and yes, I still had my purse and cell phone in my handbag … and leave them to enjoy each other’s company with all their inner most feelings out in the open … leaving them with lifted spirits ready to face challenges of life!

Big group hug first! Then off I went … smiling ! She was good .. she did change my life .. I was walking along … smiling!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. "I am gullible … a little bit … I do admit that." – So am I. Although its hard to admit at times. LOL. But I am. There, I admitted it.

  2. She's good, hey – she's made a difference in your life too, Firefly – you've admitted that your gullible .. just a bit! !!

  3. Hahahahaha! You see! I am exactly the same! I would have sat there and listened to what she had to say wishing with all my heart someone would come and distract her – but listening and pretending to be interested all the while!! She is good – that's three of us! LOL!

  4. They would have caught me as well…I have not learnt to say *NO* to anyone yet…inside I can but to someone's face I cant…so would have been in your shoes.I also like having coffee alone, but as I do that so often since living here I prefer doing it with a friend…x

  5. LOL at "selling something, religeous chatter, networking … " I would have thought the exact same thing!Maybe you did not stay long enough to get the "real" message?

  6. I seem to attract people like that also…everyone wants to tell me their life story…and being the polite Texas gal I am…I listen…wishing I could escape…but listen…of course then I have a good story to tell….glad you got your coffee to warm up…

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