Weekly Winners : 19 – 25 July

Weekly Winners : 19 – 25 July

What have we today, for our Weekly Winners ?…

… ummm … let’s see ….

we have the odd rose … singled out from a bunch I bought for the vase …

… the purples/mauves/lilacs of the lavender flower … (Connor would call it a “power”) !

… and the dainty Alysum embracing the winter sunshine …
We have little feet stomping through the leaves …

… and galloping around the garden …

We have chocolate covered little fingers creating a masterpiece …

… for hubby to share with his grandchildren … blowing out the candles is a team effort!
.. and altogether …. 1 2 3 …. blow !

We have our pretty little Erin having fun with bubbles ….

… and then cuddling while ‘Lainey reads ….

… and warming up noses on a cold winter’s night

And then we have a smiley face on hubby’s suitcase to cheer him up as he packs for another business trip overseas … which he never looks forward to the long haul across the seas ..

So … am on my own today and will go out into the garden where the fairies and elves …

… and mushrooms … smile and peep through their winter leaf blankets ….

.. and we can all enjoy this beautiful sunny warmish winter’s day!

Usually link to Lotus’ Weekly Winners – but it’s not there today!

5 Replies to “Weekly Winners : 19 – 25 July”

  1. Hope you enjoyed your quiet day. I'm no looking forward to my trip tomorrow either, and I'm not even going nearly as far as dad is going!

  2. I really like the picture of the leaves and Connor's feet. I feel for you hubby. Those log haul flights is a pain in the ass… and back

  3. What a beautiful post Avril. LIke me, you seem to enjoy all the little things in life. This is what makes it precious. I so enjoyed this. Thank you.

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