Miss you already ..

Miss you already ..

… my Bradley Bear …

… and mischief-maker-wild-child Connor …

After a weekend with the whole family down with tummy bugs, they are finally there … on holiday… sun, sand and sea !! Connor was too little to remember their last holiday. Jeanette told me on the phone that all he wanted to do was to see the “beach” .. and when he saw how HUGE the sea was, he wasn’t so sure anymore!!!! 🙂 For the past year he has seen the sea in books, TV and on the computer (I have – which he sees all the time – a beautiful sunrise over the sea as my wallpaper – one of my favourite photographs!) and now it’s real .. and VAST !!!
Enjoy your holiday!! Mwah .. to you all !!

4 Replies to “Miss you already ..”

  1. Time for granny to have a little rest now and have some ME time…Am pleased to hear they all having a great holiday away at the sea…I miss Jeanette's blog entries….Have a good time now…

  2. Enjoy! Enjoy! Stacey is off to Bloem tomorrow – her dad is getting married, so I will have some "me time" too! YIPPEE! (Although I HATE it when she's gone!)

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