Weekly Winners : 2 – 8 August

Weekly Winners : 2 – 8 August

The littlies are on holiday … it’s very quiet here and the toys are lying idle …

….. my jasmine is covered with pink budded sprigs which are beginning to burst into bloom … their sweet fragrance wafting into the warmer air ….

…. and the freezing cold, cloudy, rainy weather we had last weekend moved north leaving us with the blue skies and warmer days once again …

My hubby attended our friends Colombian wedding … an Australian and Colombian united …

.. together in love as go through life side by side ….

… where carnival time is part of the culture …

… and salsa dancers wiggle their b…. …. …..

…. and celebration cakes are made out of coke cans !!! (Andres Carne de Res)

He came home with these delightful serviette rings which were on the tables at the wedding reception …

… and a kangaroo with a tiny boomerang …

… not sure where to slot this photo into my little ‘story’ … (!) it’s printed on the wedding invitation … and just to add it !

BUT best of all …. look what he brought back for me!!!! Onyx and gold necklace .. which is a replica of a necklace that the Aztec King would give to his Queen as a symbol of eternal love!! Each gold ‘dangly thing’ represents love … marriage … children … etc.
It’s beautiful, hey?

Ahhhh! Sorry!! No wine and no photos of littlies today!
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  1. I can see you are missing the little people…they keep us granny's so busy but we cant get enough of them.Great photo's Avril, very interesting wedding.

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