Skywatch Friday :

Skywatch Friday :

A cold front swept up from the Cape to the Highveld on Wednesday …

… bringing with it dark clouds … blocking out our blue skies and winter/spring sunshine ..

The clouds stayed awhile then were blown away by an icy wind leaving us with blue skies again and a wintry day ….

Hello … I spotted you in the tree while taking photos of the blue sky …

A Grey Lourie sitting in the neighbour’s tree. It’s an indigenous tree – not sure what it’s called – wild cherry or wild peach. Two treefellers have different views!! It grows very quickly and we have to have huge-hanging-over-our-property branches cut down when they grow over my back courtyard and washline … tree bares yellow fruit .. tons of it! .. and the birds love it … my washing doesn’t!!!

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  1. Nice one! We have a family of Loeries on our garden. P puts out an apple for them every morning – they LOVE it! We have tried other fruit, but no takers!! Apples only and they must be red! LOL!

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