Birthday celebration .. far from home!

Birthday celebration .. far from home!

M celebrated her birthday yesterday. Our three South American friends, who are out here on business, came on Sunday for a braain/bbq but as it was the day before M’s birthday, we decided to make it special … she’s so far from home and her own family, her beautiful young daughter and friends

THE PREZZIE : … and it wasn’t anything African!
She said once, that she’s never had a tea set and only when she gets married will she have one. Romantic .. tea for two …! I said that she didn’t need to be married to set a small tray of tea. I do it all the time when hubby’s away .. and he does it when I’m away visiting my Mum! Soooo … I bought her a tea set. I walked the malls and shops to try and find something African on it .. no luck .. so it’s a plain one. Someone take note – there’s a market for African designed tea sets … I can’t be the only one looking for one!!!!

Now she has to buy a bigger suitcase to take it home ….!

THE FLOWER : We also bought her the King Protea – our national flower. Also can fit in her suitcase as proteas dry well and can be kept for years! Ummm … not sure about customs etc !

THE DRINKS : C made us cocktails – Coctel de Algarrobina – ooooh …yumm! A Peruvian cocktail made with Peruvian Pisco, condensed milk, eggs, lots and lots of crushed ice and Algarrobina honey/syrup ..

Yummm!! Cooool …. refreshing …. very very morish ……. not to have tooooo many …otherwise concentration levels of being a hostess-to-all-including-littlies goes out the window!!! AND we/I end up with very very red cheeks!!!!

THE CAKE : A castle of chocolate eclairs !! Oh my .. couldn’t get it in a beautiful circle piled up right to the top with one perched high in the centre … you know … like they do in the cooking programmes and pictured in cooking books ….

NO WORRIES : it was devoured!!

.. by all … …

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