Skywatch Friday : “I see the moon ..

Skywatch Friday : “I see the moon ..

… and the moon sees me” …. through the spring blossoms of the Flowering Plum (prunus x blireiana)…

Hello … another little bird watching me while I take photos of the blue sky – I think he’s a Chaffinch .. not my usual visitor .. even though they’re common (according to the bird book!)

We had beautiful blue skies and then the wind blew …

“Alas, a black cloud hid the sun, large raindrops fill the sky,
‘Put up my hood,’ cried Minny Car, ‘pile in if you’d keep dry.”
“The lightning flashed, the thunder rolled, as if that weren’t enough,
A gale force wind began to blow, and blew the hood right off”

Forgive me, had to add that – I used to read this little book called Minny Car the Midget Motor by Sam Fair – to Elaine .. it was one of her favourites and I knew it by heart .. could tell the story even though I was falling asleep! It’s now embedded in my memory box!!! (It’s actually Carl’s book given to him when he was about 2 so it’s over 30 years old!) …

…anyway … lightening flashed, thunder rolled … and then it was gone … blue skies again!!

For more spectacular skies around the world … visit the Skywatch link

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  1. Kathy – Maybe reading that little book over and over and over and .. gave Elaine the interest in cars – she said she would love a mini – it's her 'dream' car! She would have loved a marketing job in the motor industry too – maybe she should start looking there again! Bradley was not really impressed with the story so now I need to read it to Connor – he may like it!

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