Weekly Winners : 23 – 29 August

Weekly Winners : 23 – 29 August

“Hello … my name is Erin ….

“I spent last Sunday with my Grwanny and Grwampa while my mommy and daddy went to play golf. We had a lovely day celebrating their friend’s birthday who is visiting from a long, long way away … over the sea … and she is missing her little girl and her family … so my Grwanny and Grwampa gave her presents …

… and my Grwanny made a huge castle-chocolate-eclair cake – I helped put on the candles ..

“All the grown-ups had a ‘cool drink’ which their other friend, C, made because it’s made from ‘stuff’ that came all the way from Peru (that’s where C comes from!) … it’s called Coctel de Algarrobina …

… they said it was very, very, very yummy …

… but my cousins – Bradley and Connor – and I also had yummy stuff – chocolate eclairs!!!
I wasn’t going to share with them …. they shouldn’t have eaten theirs first!

Look at the pretty flowers my Grwanny had in the house .. !!

They had such a nice smell …

“I see a birdie looking down at my Grwanny .. she thinks it’s a chaffinch but she’s not really sure ..

… doesn’t he look very proud with his chest puffed up … ?

“There are lots of pretty Spring flowers in my Grwanny’s garden ..

.. this one is called Scilla natalensis (Blue Squill) …

… with the little blue flowers starting to open ..

.. but the best is the Flowering Plum (Prunus x blireiana) …

… covered with delicate pink flowers …

“He he he … peek-a-boo …. I see you! That’s my cousin Connor .. he’s funny … I like to play with him …

Thanks for dropping by … bye for now …

Love from Erin x x x “

P.S. Note from Grwanny –

My Wine-of-the-Week is this one – Allesverloren Shiraz from ‘the oldest wine estate in the Swartland’ in the Cape. Mmm mmm .. oh yes … this was nice … will definitely buy it again .. lip-smackingly good!!

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9 Replies to “Weekly Winners : 23 – 29 August”

  1. "Allesverloren", lost everything? But not the skill and the knowhow to make a good wine, I'm sure! Great post Avril, I love those "grwannie" conversations, too cute! So are the pictures! I envy your SPRING!!!! Counting the days!!

  2. Jientje – Apparently the name Allesverloren came from the time when the settlers returned from a long and arduous journey by wagon – as they did in those days to collect provisions and attend church – to find the homestead burnt to the ground and farm destroyed. Since then it has been through happy and successful times.

  3. You have the awesomest plants in your garden. I specially like the Blue Squill (oh yes and the eclairs). You have inspired me to go and sit flat in the garden over the weekend to take flower pics as well. I will post them as the week goes on.

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