Wordless Wednesday : Chocolate hands!

Wordless Wednesday : Chocolate hands!

Explanation necessary …… go to Jeanette’s post ‘Granny’s chocolate pudding’ …. just before going home, Connor asked for MORE chocolate pudding. He sat quietly on his own and unbeknown to all of us he left me with a little piece of artwork !!!

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  1. I love it…pudding artwork….my kids loved pudding when they were little…my grandmother always kept instant pudding so my son could help her make it when he came to visit…he's 25 and still remembers that…

  2. I don't have any chocolate pudding hands, but I do have tons of paint hands. Every chance my daughter gets from about 2 to now she paints her hands at the end of a paint day and makes me a new set of prints. I'm saving them all, it's fun to see the changes in size and technique.Calico Contemplations

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