What a traumatic few days we’ve had …

What a traumatic few days we’ve had …

Firstly Connor spending last weekend in hospital with suspected pneumonia and thankfully as fully recovered – back to his normal ‘wild child’ self! On asthma medication for the next six months.

Then my daughter in law – who started feeling ill on Sunday while they were with us for lunch, ending up in High Care a few days later and is still very ill. The first thoughts were ‘swine flu’ as she had all the symptons but tests came back negative. A battery of tests have now been conducted and hopefully today there will be progress and confirmation as what she has. Very worrying. Waiting to hear from my son what progress has been made and then she will be on the road to recovery.

Little Erin is missing her mommy.

And now … friends of ours have been the latest victims of an armed robbery – it happened last night while they were having supper. We don’t know all the details yet as they are busy sorting and putting back the pieces of their lives – including trauma councelling today. I cannot imagine what they must be going through. They were, thankfully, not physically hurt.
Tied up, threatened and traumatised.

What more can we do …. electric fences, pallisade fencing, alarms, passive alarms …

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  1. it's been a terrible week actually. Maybe you should take Sandy a meal or something, I know that helped Marlise when it happened, she just didn't want to be in her house.

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