Weekly Winners : 13 – 19 September

Weekly Winners : 13 – 19 September

Angel’s wings appeared in the sky last Sunday morning and I knew that my two year old grandson, Connor, would recover. He was in hospital with suspected pneumonia. He did recover and was discharged soon after I took this photo. Do you also see the wing shapes in the Banksia rose?

I am sending these angel’s wings to Nicole, my daughter-in-law, together with all our prayers for her speedy recovery. She became ill last Sunday and has spent a few days in High Care in hospital with no definite diagnosis. Tests for various diseases, including Swine Flu came back negative. More tests are being done, and, fortunately, she is improving slightly (we are waiting to hear now as my son has gone to the hospital on his way home from spending a quiet day with us). The thinking now is that she has some sort of immune deficiency but what it is, has still to be pinpointed.

Our love and prayers are with you, Nicole. Erin has taken hundreds of photos today to show you!!!!!

I am also sending these angel’s wings to friends of ours who were victims of an armed robbery on Friday night. Their home and lives have been invaded and personal possessions taken but they were not physically hurt. Trauma councelling has helped a lot. Elaine, Bryan and I along with a few other friends, went to be with them after the councelling and we drank wine and celebrated life!

Our love and prayers are with you all. Keep strong and keep safe.

See you on Tuesday, S … we will have a lovely lunch and celebrate life ….. again!!

What would a Weekly Winners be without flowers from my garden … like the Banksia rose which is just soooo beautiful at this time of year ….

… and fragrant freesia ….

… and the pale yellow clivia …

Innocence of little children … may they keep safe under the shadow of angel’s wings forever

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