Weekly Winners : 20 – 26 Sept

Weekly Winners : 20 – 26 Sept

“Incy Wincy spider climbing up/down the spout/wall …..”

These ‘rain spiders’ give me the absolute creeps !!! I hate/dislike/can’t bear them with a passion!

They always appear in the rainy season. This is a youngster!!!! The other day we had a short shower of rain, which was only enough to make things even more dusty looking than they are – it needed to rain harder and longer to wash all the dust off everything !! – and this young fellow decided to see what the outside world looked like in our garage. He has since disappeared … back to where he came from …. next time we see him he will be much larger, with a round body and furry legs ….
…. once one was quite happy in Elaine’s car, unbeknown to her, and gave the car wash lady such a fright … she screamed in terror and turned rather pale !!! We all wonder how long he had been in there …. and all the places he had visited while travelling around in her car … university, friends houses, nightclubs etc !!!!

… a few years ago, I was checking the post box for mail and my fingers prodded the soft, warm furry body of one !!! eeeeww !!!

Much more pleasant …. flowers in my garden … again …. like the palm tree flower …

… a sad looking daffodil which didn’t have the strength to lift it’s weary head … I have never had much success with daffodils and this one decided to join the ranks of it’s unsuccessful counterparts …

Didn’t have much success with the anemones either … planted a huge handful and only a few decided to show their pretty faces … when spring turns to summer quickly with sudden hot days they don’t have much chance ….

Indigenous …. indigenous …. indigenous …. “plant indigenous” is always drummed into our heads at garden centres … there is a reason …. !!!!

… and finally .. from my garden is the Brunfelsia calycina … otherwise known as the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow …

I have five bushes in the garden some are young and smallish …

… and two are larger and covered in sweet fragrant blossoms at the moment … these by the window have always been drastically trimmed otherwise we wouldn’t see out the window!! Last year my gardener, Samuel, in his wisdom, decided to trim them, whilst I was out, and cut off all the new growth and buds !! I cried !!! This year … NO ONE has touched them except me !!

I know I have featured them in a previous post, but we are going on holiday for two weeks and by the time we come home the flowers will be dying and falling off 🙁 . They do have odd flowers during the summer but never such a show as in spring/early summer.

More flowers …. and dirty toes … !!

Jackie waiting for her ‘friend’ next door to come and sniff and bark at the wall … she sits for ages there – on one of the stumps from the conifers we felled recently – waiting … waiting … waiting ..

Now … what would a Weekly Winners be without our little ‘wild child’ ….

This is my last contribution for the next two weeks … hubby and I are ‘going overseas’ to Ireland for a holiday .. should be good …. green and wet !!! See you when we get back ….

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  1. We have had quite a few rain spiders in our home they make my skin crawl!!!!! Cant stand them. Lovely pictures of your garden and your gorgeous grand children. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. I've said it before and will say it again, I wish I had a garden like yours. It seesm like there are so many different plants and flowers. As for Incy… I actually have shivers down my spine sitting here in front of the pc.

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