Weekly Winners :

Weekly Winners :

Christmas … this year …

.. was hot … very hot …

… so Christmas Eve afternoon was spent in the pool … cooling down …

Our home was filled love and laughter …. with all our children and grandchildren …. my son was on duty on Christmas Day hence the family gathering on Christmas Eve …..

The littlies waited … and waited ….

A new dolly for Erin …. she’s the cutest thing …. sucks the dummy … ‘nuum nuum nuum’ while the eyes close s-l-o-w-l-y … and then she makes that nuzzling contented sound that babies make ….

There were small prezzies and large prezzies … (Erin helping her Daddy with his large one!)

Bradley was following Santa’s route on ‘Norad Tracks Santa’ and discovered Santa was getting close to Africa …. he had done the whole of Australia and was making his way through Malaysia !!!!!!! so they had to hurry home to bed …. Santa/Father Christmas does not come if littlies are awake!!!!
Shhh …in a whisper to all littlies out there …. you can be awake but tucked up in bed …. and if you listen very hard … very hard … you can hear the reindeer land gently on the roof with a tinkle of magic bells … but don’t tell the grown ups that !!!!

You see … I told you so … Father Christmas always comes to our house and fills Elaine’s stocking !!!

.. ooooooh …..

Jeanette, Lance and the boys spent Christmas Day with us

.. when the last of the HUGE pile of prezzies was handed out by Lainey’s ‘little-big’ helper …

Lots of smiles …

… and not-a-moment-to-lose-on-cutting-down “Gwanny’s big twee” with a new super-duper Black and Decker “chainthaw” !!!!!!

… and after swimming – ‘cos Christmas Day was also very hot indeed – catching “butterflieth” with a new butterfly net ….

I must add here .. that that was the first butterfly he spotted .. chased it and caught it!!

Christmas was over for another year …..

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  1. *Sigh*Love the "Chainthaw" and the butterfly hunter. But – knowing you know me like you do – you might have guessed?Santa's and swimming pools,us people from up North always have a hard time trying to imagine, but it looks as if you had a very good time? So did we!December 28, 2009 12:50 AM

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