Happy New Year to all !!

Happy New Year to all !!

Hubby and I went out on New Years Eve – quite unusual for us – as we normally stay at home. The dogs, especially Jackie – the Jack Russell – is petrified of fireworks. They are banned except for organised, legal displays but that doesn’t make any difference to some people !!! Little Jackie runs frantically around barking at all the bangs – whether far away or close by … it’s hell for her.

We were home before midnight struck so were here to comfort her … but the evening was spent at Montecasino where we had dinner at the Thai restaurant, Kai Thai – their food is always good although, this time my medium prawn and cashew curry was much hotter than the normal medium strength ! .. much gulping down water and beads of persperation on the brow – and it wasn’t a hot flush !!!

There was a New Years celebration in the Piazzo which I believe turned into quite a party later – these photos were taken early evening where everyone was still very sedate ….

… enjoying the music ……

… the twirling of flags ….

.. and fire dancers …

We left the party-goers and revellers thronging towards the celebrations … and made our way to the auditorium of the ‘Teatro’ … (note … it’s filled with ‘oldies’ like us!!!)

… to watch and experience ….

It was spectacular !!!! Skaters from Russia .. slick performance .. magnificent costumes .. beautiful music … absolutely stunning! So cool .. meaning the opposite of hot (!) – remember, we are in mid summer ! … watching the performers glide on ice when it’s swelteringly hot outside !!!! We have made a mental note to see the next show when it comes again in two years time!!!

So … from us … hubby and I …

… to you all !!!

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