My garden ….

My garden ….

Hubby and I were discussing our garden over the weekend and how it has changed over the years ..

… the trees grow and the shade changes … so changes need to made to flower beds …

It’s coming up to the anniversary of our home … 30 years !!! …

Beginning of February 1980 we moved in to our newly built home with bare earth, a fence and gate ….

… we spent every weekend toiling in the garden, initially to get the lawn established ….

… not the easy way out like these days with blocks of growing instant lawns .. but planted with grass runners .. we raked the stones .. fertilized the ground .. hubby walked up and down with a spikey roller to ‘air’ the ground … fertilized more … and more …

.. watered … and watered …. and prayed for the rains to come …

.. I think it’s in the Shona language .. the word for rain is ‘come come’ … haven’t got a clue how you spell it ..

.. but it was worth it …

All these photos were taken this morning … it’s a glorious day today !!!
I’m going to get out our old photos and hubby can scan a couple of them to put up on my blog on ‘our anniversary’ !!!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE YOUR GARDENI can see its garden that is very loved…years and years of love and care has gone into this garden and it shows.Well done Avril…its something really special and something to be so proud of.

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