Conversation with Bradley …

Conversation with Bradley …

… the other day whilst we (Brads, Connor and I) were sitting on the small patio table having biscuits and cheese … (I hadn’t had lunch so only had it once the boys were here) … Connor was having an ice lolly and spreading his biscuit with cheese at the same time … and then decided to scrape his biscuit along the ice lolly to add to the flavour …. “nithe” with a big smile !!!

me … this is nice .. we haven’t done this before … sitting outside having a biscuits and cheese

Brad … yes we have

me … no we haven’t … well, if we have then I can’t remember (that’s a good excuse for grannies!)
Brad … yes we have … or is like deja vu? !

me … what?!!! I mean pardon !!!!!

Brad … deja vu !

me … do you know what that is?

Brad … yes Granny … it’s when you think you’ve been in a place before or done something before but you haven’t really … you’ve either dreamed it or you’ve thought about doing it before ..

Clever boy !! He’s only 6 !!! No wonder he has the merit badge at school !!!

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