Skywatch Friday :

Skywatch Friday :

From the base of Table Mountain – side view, showing the cable car housing and the restaurant …
Cape Town, South Africa
… to the top !!! This walkway is just to the right of the restaurant ….

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  1. hie… AVRIL, i was happy to c ur blog…. its really nice …. cute and interesting…i loved the kids and of course Jackie hope to c more on ur bloghav a good day

  2. I love Table Mountain. When I am in Cape Town I can just stare at the mountain for ages. When I leave CT I always say goodbye to it when I drive over Sir Louwry's Pass or when the plane is taking off. *I miss my mountain*

  3. Fantastic photo´s!My daughter would love it go to the table mountain again…She is back from SA since december and she hates our cold weather here!Have a nice weekend!

  4. Wow; what an amazing place! Love the blue of the sky and the water, it makes these photos seem so "airy". Looks like a great place to hang out… 🙂

  5. Hello…to answer your question in my blog.They have removable covers on the lounge suite – it gets washed once a week in time for the weekend…and always looks good and clean and fresh tra la la….LOL

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